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Apocalypse ~ The End of The Days Is Here!



Alchemy of Words – first ever written story that goes beyond content and meaning and teaches you how to become immortal. Never ever in history of literature such book was written and during 2 hour show I precisely explain you what and why… love you back!



What we are about… 
Idea behind Amazing Radio Toronto.



Junction Goths – Culture of Romantic Vampires.



Gus Bawab and his art.
Visual awakening – real life performance…

Art in Junction…
Artists and his work – transforming thoughts into artistic vibration…

Gus Bawab official website -> Click Here



Barbuda before Irma


Barbuda after Irma

Puerto Rico Saved…
Barbuda Gone with the wind.
Hurricane Irma – Hope and what makes us unsafe!



Origin of Judaism and Christianity.
Essenes  – The Sons of Light.
Dead Sea Scrolls – Mystical and Esoteric knowledge of Jews…
Was Jesus vegetarian? 



Essenes – Ancient Tribe of Enlightened Jews.
The oldest biblical documents reviled.
Qumran Caves Scrolls – originals.
The essence of daily path towards holiness.

Essenes – Original Texts Please -> Click Here
Alternative Life Style Please -> Click Here



Hurricane Harvey – Real Data At Real Time.
The fall of the giant.
How hand of the God threw USA on its knees…



Pasquale and art of animation – Diamond Way Buddhism.



Her Eminence Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche
Essence of Buddhism.
What Buddhism is about…
Dependency Student – Teacher.
Training Mind through Meditation.

To Visit Her Eminence Webpage -> Click Here



Interview with living God.
Mark Ansara and healthy diet as source of immortality.
Illuminati and Bible.
All about truth and lies in terms of system that we are living in…



Freedom Of Speech and Expression in Toronto Ontario.
Law And Justice and lack of it!
Untold stories that should be preserved…



Apocalyptic Flood in Texas…
Huston are you still there?
Prediction of Noah.
Did God abandon USA as his children made Mammon their Lord?



North America – Syndicate of Death.
How almost 4 million people vanish every year in North America without trace and concern!
Killing Fields of Global Concentration Camps.
How “They” Control Population…
Shocking Data ~ Full Picture – Reviled


Image result for nazarene church annette toronto pictures

Francisco and The Message of Jesus coming…
Grace Church of  The Nazarene (see picture above -> Click Here)… Helping people when they need the most…

“Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good is there in your saying to them, “God bless you! Keep warm and eat well!” – if you don’t give them the necessities of life?”

(James 2:15-16)



History of One Day in America.
Rise of the Nasizm
Conversation about Statue…


z13983577IH,Rezyser-Roman-Polanski-z-zona-Emmanuelle-Seigner-wRoman Polanski e la moglie Emmanuelle Seigner a Cannes 2013

How broken is Western Culture and it system of law and justice.
Roman Polanski case – the whole picture.
China Town” – corruption and abuse within Global System of Concentration Camps…



Ian Pearson and Art Of Editing Movies.
Who is who in Movie Industry…

Toronto Capital of World Movie Making. Artificial Intelligence and Moral Issues. Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder and how to deal with it.




Junction – Precious Stones and Crystals.
Experimental show – testing life and recorded conversations 
over the phone…


Gifford Pinchot (far right) with fellow Bonesmen (Yale) III A 1-17

History lesson No.1
How to kill Jew and millions of others and get away with it… Secret Society – Illuminati, Skulls and Bones… Robber Barons – Mafia and CIA  and how the rule US government and world… Stunning facts that will make you rethink your relation to your life!



History Lesson No.2
Clinton’s Corrupted Ltd.
How to still billions of dollars and get away with it…
India, Russia, Haiti, Africa almost 100 countries world wide and everybody knows that was not about helping but getting rich! 

Over 5 billion dollars made in donations and 1,446,751,663,700 dollars given in favours – and not much done (10% went to help based on foundation data and very small amount of work took place in order to help)

Why they killed JFK  and who…

Why buying milk in Canada is illegal (systematic abuse leading data).



History Lesson No.3
Why no once cares about veterans in USA… Thousands suicides since end of war in Iraq and is getting worse. Nazism still alive and thriving in USA. Magic Healthy Diet and Perpetuum Mobile – Innovations. History of Coffee – sweet and charming. How CIA killed JFK…



History Lesson No. 4
CIA equal FBI equal Mafia ~ the biggest cheat ever in history of human kind. Who runs the world and how they do that…?  Data realise in conjunction with most important archives on the planet – JFK library, Yad Vashem (Institute – Museum), Vatican library-archives, Institute of National Remembrance (Poland). Is World govern by bunch of psychopaths and crooks? Kidney Valley – organ harvesting, black market of human tissue… 



15.11.16 (part 1)
Broken System from top to the bottom. Evidence of crime. Vaxxed the biggest scandal of corruption, cover up, fraud, conspiracy on highest level of USA government. Trillion of dollars lost, broken families, destroyed health of the most vulnerable – our kids with support of church and medic system. CDC the world crime, mafia syndicate… Why some people don’t like Jews… Creating Enlighten Society ~ Shambhala.

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The full story about Snowden ~ “There is no one who is not under surveillance. There is no piece of data that goes out in the world (phones, computers, any from of communication) that is not under surveillance. There is only one reason for it – to gain economic advantage for USA!”. How Pharma created Autism that  unleashed tremendous suffering… and  it will cost trillions of USA dollars. Why some people don’t like Jews UTA Tantra – the highest form of Tantra – Teachings ~ Khempo (professor in Tibetan) Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.

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Eyes of Oziris – spiritual path to complete liberation! Going beyond meaning and concept of thoughts… And also Hillary Clinton server problem the whole picture plus the biggest Sexual Scandal ever Ashley Madison….



My personal and private propaganda. Unheard facts about presidential candidates to The White House which will determine out come of US Election… Why Hillary and Not Donald! Was Jesus Christ from Nazareth a Buddhist monk? Never before gathered together  facts about life of Messiah.



Dedicated The Democratic National Committee (DNC –  which is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party) and leader of DP ~ Hillary Clinton. 

In regard to: For supporting, preserving and promoting Tibetan Buddhist Culture.

Treasures of Tibetan Buddhism
The Most Secret Knowledge) -> Click Here



China Story… A Paper Tiger. Most in debt country in the world over 23 trillion us dollars and up to 50 trillion. Economy build on fake data with horrifying global implications. New modern war welfare Asymmetrical Battle field. China versus USA. Taste of Immortality the most expensive gift of knowledge…





Entertainment ~ Night of The Oscars! Does Sun Eclipse and Oscars go together on 26.02.17? Bruce Lee… Enlighten Being in Hollywood. Why Bruce Lee chose cinematography and not mafia… Polish movies making – the best tradition ever! Hollywood – good, bad and the ugly…


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 04: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the media during a joint press conference with Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key at Parliament on November 4, 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand. Hillary Clinton is on a three-day visit to New Zealand as part of a tour of the Asia Pacific region, which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua-New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. (Photo by Marty Melville/Getty Images)

How and why Hillary Clinton lost presidential election. Vaxxed by Robert De Niro the biggest medical scandal in history of human kind – cover up, conspiracy and fraud on highest level of USA government. Tibetan Buddhism quality of the leader…



Face of Terror ~ France. Turkey Great Scroll Above ~  Coup. Emigration the only one good solution ~ bases. Innovation…



StaxNet first Offensive malware… Cyber Wars between USA-Israel and Iran. Top Secret program run by USA and Israeli government that almost destroyed our civilization. Legacy of president Barack Obama and future of USA presidency…



StaxNet the most secret cyber weapon. Pandora box released by “land of free and just”. Donald Trump case – not against and not for… Financial crisis looming and Nuclear War with China….


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks at a computer screen during a campaign stop at Atomic Object company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 7, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Is Hillary Clinton Crooked (unknown fact)? How our system is broken ~ CIA, Cops etc… How we get into it Ukrainian trail of broken Europe and world order…



Church of Scientology. Global ring of Mafia – Child busa, Satanism, Ritual Human and child offering. Corruption and protection of evil doers on higher level of government – USA, Canada, France, Belgium, UK. Worst than ISIS! Cover up. Conspiracy. Mind Control. CIA etc…

Editorial Note:
They did everything so you will not know that but there you go!



Mind Control Techniques  – Past and Present. How to protect yourself from it. Nazi Cult from early stages up to now. Most guarded facts of German Secret Society reviled the roots of pure evil exposed. What every Jew should know and keep in heart forever!


Mark and I small edited.JPG.opt346x259o0,0s346x259

Immortality with Mark Ansara. Was Jesus a Jew or maybe a woman? Does Illuminais really exists? Why I don’t have a girlfriend and much more….



True story the whole picture about Hillary Clinton and her health. What was actually Ashley Madison – possible  connection with ISIS and who lied about what. Why Toronto police still keep head in the sand about Ashley… ! Buddha Field – cult and human compliance. Peek into brain washing and mind controlling techniques…



Up Date about future of Our Network (test programming alfa)…



History of One Day ~ Innovations – How to protect idea ~ Idea Worth 20 Trillion Annually….



Art in Toronto – Junction… Interview with Gus Bawab.



Source of the best Education… How To Beat Record of the Records (Guinness Book). World in Turmoil of coming War!



World Around You – How to produce on line Radio Station (Sound Test Show)